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talking about alabama they are going to lose that. that dynamic doesn't exist on the left. there's nobody pulling the democratic party to the left so how do the progressives pull the democratic party to the left? [applause] >> we are going to do three more questions. ..
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>> outspoken against the use of contractors for military purposes. day wooded dial that back. it was not saving us money but it costing us with accountability and they we're doing bad thing soldiers had to answer for. they said the right things now as secretary of state they have a huge number of contractors and now the
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issue has not gone better. they say they are to enter a goal to what we do if we killed the contracts in the short term we could not do anything tomorrow. i am sure the contractors have made themselves seem indispensable but talking about the balkans is to remind everybody not that long ago you had halliburton stealing. we were fighting before we have that have been. there has always been profiteering but the outsourcing of the basic logistics' to be at war like for dree, a food, vip security that was a pure
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military function with it could be created in 20 years it could be get hundred of also. that reminds me of a funny story. [laughter] it can be dead and clear mccaskill -- clear mccaskill if she is reelected in misery she will probably do that for defense. >> i have fed watching your show since the 2008 electoral season. it is an honor. talking about the recent crisis and the bf working
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with nato and the rebels could oust muammar qaddafi from power without laying a single book on the ground. do see this involvement with of viable force for the united states? with afghanistan and direct? >> is no rachel maddow dr. [laughter] there is a really smart guy daschle security. he writes for i did interview for the book and it is very confrontational but i am
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surprised there is no rachel maddow doctor in. and i am not qualified to do that. obama is a multilateral us. and also he does not have to be accountable for anything else. but he is the multilateral list which is to provide by libya. that is the form of exerting american power to have a military as the rest of those combined.
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we have not gone to libya and the arab league did not say that. that is why they took a different approach to syria. you can intervene less or maybe more with the international coalition it looks more legitimate. that is obama's way. identify unqualified but it is a different approach than from that romney. >> >> if there were more rachel
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maddow the country would be better off. [applause] >> good thing there is not. [laughter] >> i have a comment and a question. >> please a brief question. >> i was drafted 1968. it was buried valuable but my family and friends became extremely interested in the vietnam war the dallas drafted. talk about the corrosive influence of money in their campaign.
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obama is told he needs $1 billion for three elections. what is wrong with this picture? thing keogh. [applause] >> do we feel differently committee hundred the of bill it said -- billions are spent the weekend trace to know where? on the front page of "the boston globe" how the likely nominee, the super pac is distinguished by a the donations are listed as organizations even when people are forced to disclosed where a donation comes from there is no way
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to trace the back to a human. even a country? if us -- of china had a preference do you think they could not figure out a way? that is against the rules. [laughter] if the sec was in charge every american road would be the audubon. [laughter] with gross the power of money is as old of politics itself but we have gone through a series of supreme court decisions to got what remained of america in election law of we are now in the wild west period. not only mysterious funders on a massive scale that
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somebody could write the $1 billion check to front somebody's campaign. we are amazed barack obama needs to raise $1 billion what about the fact that steve forbes or ross perot or eric prance to be competitive what if they write the $1 billion check? purely by the interest of 1 billion her? we always or about money but not like this. we are in a position it is a hard environment for political reform because of the corruption came to the supreme court decisions and you cannot appeal those.
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it is probably amendment to the american constitution. i do not say that lightly. it is a big undertaking. [applause] we are a long way off for fixing it as they strike down state limits it is hard to set of good example and it worries me the most. [applause] to more brief questions. >> to what expense has u.s. government changed the concept of what is the threat? in announcing the bush should ministrations wage war on and a type of 46 to
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zero to what extent is the unmooring of american military power" further enabled the military itself? >> it is moller of the symptom and they add a cause. the war on terror is some then the war of terror. a war of tactic than a war on a bad feeling. [laughter] but what we were having a day wore on should have been assigned there was something wrong. that we have a department of homeland security. since when does america have a homeland? we don't think of ourselves that way. like a war on terror.
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to compass things that would not be justified other rise. when you don't have to win the argument, the argument can sock. [laughter] if you don't have to engage in that debate, the argument can be flabby you can identify anything to be worthy of of were moniker that you give it. when a president can decide alone what we wage war on with no price tag. member post 9/11 lending was supplemental.
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is like a fish. luck. a castle. luck. a castle. look for aa gasol. [laughter] if you don't have to explain yourself or win the debate in congress or justify a the funding your argument can be vague you can pick out a country that has no debate then you can have a good argument. >> used to be a customer of mine. dillons at the end of broad
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street was my shopper crow. >> i am so nervous. >> thank you very much. [laughter] >> expose as the daytime drinker in last question. [laughter] [cheers and applause]
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>> i am very grateful to the manhattan institute. we're happy to be speaking to the audience. even c-span is here tonight. a style of non-partisan chip which is for the american media. excluded from cnn.
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[laughter] but i am told i am an extremist. but to refer to the president is the stealth socialists. to have that hat in hand asking which words i can apply to the self socialist. some things about my fund -- about my book the death of liberalism in has a have it of slipping away.
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the holy roman empire had lost on the potentate of europe that the empire was not wholly or roll man o' war and empire. there was a lot of colorful uniforms but nobody took notice. not even in the swords. the empire had a gaggle of principalities and nation states. now catholic europe may be mentioned in a remote geography class as catholic year. political domain of bishops and pope's for over a
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century it never really recovered from world war i. when churchill said i have not become the team's first minister in order to preside over liquidation of the british empire, that was well under way. hear america there are institutions and believes that long ago lost their clout. take the urban machine is still believe in the legendary power that with few exceptions urban machines lost their grip on cities long ago. tammany hall, r.i. the. with the passing of liberalism in my lifetime i
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have seen liberalism dissolve. from the all-powerful camorra will those on the government and bureaucracy and educational establishment and corporate world, that have alternative influences, challenging practically every department. today's liberals are saudis holding out where they can with more troops of conservatives the marketeers and global list, challenging them every where. the cloak from the grave to spend more money tax the upper class retreat into the cocoon where no one of lourdes disagrees.
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and the alternative never a cyst. recall there a stub -- astonishment when obamacare was opposed by the majority of american people then questioned by the supreme court. the living dead is out there. as the saudis would they have diminished. true liberals like hubert humphrey, ed koch and pat moynihan or their intellectual components are dead or in retirement. their liberal bigger has not bet replenish. we have lived through the death of liberalism and it is time we had knowledge as much.
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liberalism is dead. americans today can be forgiven. there was no national announcement but the end of an era. with npr or "the new york times" or if there were few americans to follow the organs, of there was no read being at the graveside. there was no graveside. from my car i did filed the obituary december 42010 now have elaborated on occasion the death of liberalism. perhaps i should stop by the roosevelt memorial to leave flowers of the feet of fdr. at least he saved the world
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and made us well martini. but now it is time to solve ashley occasion. "the death of liberalism." seven years ago 2009 before a conservative is them enjoyed the mightiest victory in modern times times, santana house said -- set to liberal hearts aflutter titled the death of conservatism. some of you read it. not unlike my book but it was complete the totally thunderously wrong.
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singh is the editor of "the new york times" book review and owl -- now the week in review and that made the default with "the new york times." one 1/2 thought he would hedge his bets. maybe ended the title with a question mark. the death of conservatism? once a writer puts his judgment with hardcover is written in stone. he states his reputation on a book 91 is to be left or dismissed the hero the death of conservative is emphatically and congratulated by liberals probably
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still for his heroism. what were the liberals thinking about it in 2010 when conservatives tried to take over the house of representatives and state legislative chambers all over the country? for sale as part he came out with a paperback the death of conservatism october 2010. one month before the bid louche came. all polls predicting it he and his fans were oblivious it was characteristic of liberalism in their last day. it was utterly oblivious to the world around it. it had so segregated itself
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with the threshold of the final interment it could endure the decades of decline the triumph of ronald reagan and bill clinton's declaration the era of big government is over. in 2009 all of the liberals assumed they were going to govern america for the next 40 years. conservatism was dead but as i write to in my book their wrists no evidence to support this observation that get to 2,009 1/2 plus 10 negative was a major theme of commentary written
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about dollar over the country we could not avoid it. saying the suicidal book the death of liberalism is not another book by another liberal with a pornographic fascination with the mayor can write. it is the work of a wise reflection political and social criticism of a classical kind. that sam writes with the power of movements and parties and the momentous difference between them and the macquarie and said the k and the other culture of our times. he talks about us.
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his book is a service and to to america that is how confident he was when he wrote that observation. the liberals have been oblivious. if we were really dead where was sam going to bury our corp.'s? we constituted 42% of the electorate against the liberals 18 through 20% and where was he going to bury the think tanks the fox news and talk radio and the internet? how good the silence talk radio when they tried to
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silence rich -- rush limbaugh they failed. the journalist prove that bill maher and keith government with anatomical references to sarah palin and other female conservatives may the rushes preference to a slot sound positive the victorian. to banish him they are not defenders of freedom but bugs a post to free expression just like a storm trooper i trace the ancestry back to the founding fathers. there is something hefty
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about the flanders -- founders. something durable. i also trades liberalism but it goes back to the first limousine liberal and to carl marks and more recently have the stealth socialist whose inspiration came from the community activist who in his youth, i am told stole hubcaps and whole automobiles. of intellectual history is from flimflam artist and incompetence. you would not expect them to be capable to boil and a glut alone throw it imagine
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either with a molotov cocktail. always the quarrelsome drunk who drank cheap stuff along the road to the liberalism demise there were historic moments as the record in my book coming to civil wars in 1970 to. the more acceptable liberals one. to the other ones one. 53 put them on the road there was an abandoned -- abundance of the busiest around liberalism even in 1948 gave
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a kind of offbeat charm, the highest ranking in the roosevelt administration. he fired without controversy. then there was algiers this. the communist connections or less and using -- amusing and was two liberalism shame and it was the first grade to live but more work to come. 1972 zanies gained the ascendancy with gary hart and george mcgovern. gary hart was the first that doomed liberalism. the infantile leftist. after him all generation and
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assume the leadership of the democratic party. where they originated from i have been the book but you know, who they are. clinton's, outdoor, john kerry now the last of their breed, led john edwards and anthony wiener who would send pictures of himself holding his best friend in his hand to with it he barely knew. the infantile leftist was famous for writing around in public with jogging attire that looks like underwear for windsurfing and bunge jumping hillary down the
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shots of whiskey in public after the indiana primary now she is seen guzzling beer promote bottling cartagena yet. the first secretary of state ever found drinking beer from a bottle. but anything for the federal law would be improbable in any of their period if not for another turning point* come but the chappaquiddick day shia's said call-in ted the took off on his swim leaving mary jo to drown in the back seat of his oldsmobile. the tragedy would lead any of a politician to retire
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from public life but yet to eventually he became the ally and of the senate ann coulter smog is our polluted political culture. from that point* on all whole generation of democratic politicians all members of the infantile left, members of the '60s generation, my generation could ride out any scandal by steadily lying about it. now the chappaquiddick sensation has played itself out. john edwards is through in public life. he cannot even be given us a
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big on cnn as eliot spitzer was prepared he is another beneficiary of the chappaquiddick sensation. today the liberals are the walking dead. the members would go. the ideology that controls the government and media at the end of world war ii is only 20% of the population as opposed 42%. i dare say there are more birdwatchers the future of
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obama is unsustainable. with that of unparalleled 25% gnp with the least 20% of the gnp. over the past five years with the gross federal debt has more than doubled to more than $16 trillion. with more than the entire economy they will lie as it did in 2010. and turn the democrats out to and apollo will be routed in the fall. what comes next with the
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corporate stater those with the sense of history the friendly fascism. was enumerated in court a capitalism of the first three years. with ever larger sectors of the economy coming under control socialism and flashes of their not that different both in disregard property rights and freedom loving america neither are prosperous and today liberalism is dead.
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and the constitution has prevailed and we are living in a better life because of bad. thank you very much. [applause] in. >> they q so much. i have a microphone for our friends at c-span. please wait for a microphone and stand up and identify yourself.
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>> my name is steve. i know you believe in a free-market system. here is my question. are you willing to except the fact that everything in the free market system with any government intervention except one are you willing to have one exception? some people well below a minimal level poverty, whenever definition and, would you be willing to subsidize those individuals with taxpayer money?
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because they meet some other criteria? >> it is funny. liberals say we're not capable of any change speaking from myself i have adjusted my plan to few as life goes on. look at to paul ryan and health plan ago stew everyone in america. we would lead and we do maintain a kind of
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assistance for the poor it is a perfectly good example. and i am willing to help the less well off but 1/2 to put limits and a knowledge did his extraordinary. >> i heard all of your remarks wider look back at the obama administration making it past two massive pieces of legislation? obamacare and dodd/frank.
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that does not sound like the death of liberalism. >> you don't? >> it was a death call it was a wake-up we have had enough and we find out more and more about the health care and we have rejected it. people who would never interested in politics rejected it. this is a problem i anticipated with a conservative audience. you cannot get over the fact the last years of the holy roman empire. not wholly. not roman. not to empire. if obama is not bad read the to the fall he will be so hemmed did we will hover
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real fight to on our hands but we will if he is beaten we have to work like hell to come up with alternative programs that paul ryan has but to to sit around and moan about obamacare coming he had the senate and the house and the presidency he seems to think he had the supreme court. obamacare is examples of overreach those attempts will eventually or have already secured his fate. >> as a follow-up 1/2 pence of the supreme court strikes
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down obamacare before the election? and they already seemed to hit him on the knuckles. have we've had the instructive lesson in your thesis? >> i think so. wife clerk to for justice kennedy i am in the enviable position to know five justices on a first name basis. we talk a lot about what this means. we fake we know parts of the case, led ted olson is a great friend. we think sufficient parts of the law will be thrown out
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it comes down to the obama discredit. ted olson is of the opinion chief justice roberts will try to find something to bring in one o or to of the liberals that could weaken the decision by the supreme court. but at any rate to a serious threat is in the air for cry vague everything will go bad from this point* on of everything the liberals take heart will amount to to nothing at all.
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>> and assuming you mean the death of liberalism in our country? what about europe with socialism? fam mac to hell with the drug. i only go there for holidays [laughter] i did have an observation. somebody said on a radio show this morning i said the french have the only military that issues to the soldiers a clone.
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[laughter] look it up. [laughter] in america, they had a brilliant observation and the tea party is brilliant with the attempt to canvasback to think about the constitution. with those policies with those with conservatives to say to hell with you. and they could object where all of france goes socialist
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although merck had never went socialist and it makes you want to move to montana. no, no, no no. but it makes you glad for the constitutional structure of our country. >> i just want to use the term zombie from artificial intelligence, this on the is a creature that appears to have consciousness. could you give more detail how you see liberalism dying in those areas? >> it is a good question. they are not liberal anymore.
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nobody stood up to protest at diversities for running rush limbaugh out of office. every now and then there is an honorable liberal but they put on the brown shirts and they march. we have created a monster. we have no way to treat the people. they have tried and here i am. when they get together, they're very proud of the fact they would crush us if they could come a but
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they cannot. thank god for our constitution. >> the reports of my death are exaggerated. roosevelt won four times i think we are approaching a 50% of the work force working for the federal government. those liberals. >> i cannot hear him. >> is that better? >> maybe some limited think the reports of liberalism are exaggerated.
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fdr 13 reelection because much of the country was on his payroll and today we have 50% of the workforce directly or indirectly on the payroll. >> is your point* 50% that they don't pay taxes. >> no. 50% are getting paid by government. >> people vote for a lot of reasons. coupes the check this not answer all possibilities for all people. they may get a government check but love to hunt and fish. it is also 49% don't pay
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taxes but they respond to other motivations. dick morris and divert talking. we were studying the swing states. this election will be a blowout for our side. not obama. people vote for a lot of reasons and one of them is they go to incompetents out of office. he has been proven to be more incompetent and any president and american history. i think the people are wise
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enough to know that but i take great, but since his recent statistics about the election. >> going back to america's place of the rest of the world, led to what extent with conservative this them should we be a bigger part of what is happening in what isn of what is happening in contrast to state capitalism in china and russia and other nations the fight the free-market battle? >> is your question we're not affecting the politics of china or russia? >> should we be more of an
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example? >> yes. hot it is hard. you know, more but americans should be a shining city on a hill. maybe the "wall street journal" everyday. it is my bible. we seem to encourage a great deal of liberal behavior in the chinese and it is hard to say what they are faced with. arthur schlesinger used to say and immensely
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interesting subjects my watch history take place and i a.m. and form to buy it. what happened to russia and china rican say america better remains strong in the years ahead. they get very much. [applause] [inaudible conversations] >> we have a lot of discussions in the movie you have a process that is 10
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weeks long distilled into two hours brought of necessity the timeline is rearrange but it is the true story of what happened. of the vetting we got to the end of the process and senator mccain determined to he wanted to pick realized we could not win within eight listed. it was a difficult set of circumstances outspent by $200 million. president bush approval rating in the thirties and obama was speaking to hundreds of thousands in europe and a fervor for his candidacy to figure out how to win. and the person who said we should look at sarah palin.
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>> are you proud of that moment? >> that moment freezes and the slows down in my brain. [laughter] lease spent a couple days at the jersey shore. i remember every aspect of the moment. i can smell the salt air air, the cars in front of the house. i called rick davis we should take a look at to sarah palin. the vetting that was done, i said it is very important and he was in charge of that she be fully and completely bedded like all other candidates. can we do with 20 lawyers and a couple of days couple of 3 and a couple of days with three lawyers over a few
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weeks? there were four parts. you could do documentary on this alone. baidu want to make the part of what we're talking about. there is a lot of context but the first was the tax information and medical records. the second is then the movie where we have a discussion operationally how the campaign will run and your life will change. the third part is the question her fitness for office and the fourth part was the interview with john mccain himself. what they said to reach other is unknown to me but to all the them. the questionnaire and the results


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